“New Silk Road” is an Italian based partnership that offers consultancy, assistance and services to the companies that wish to expand or strengthen their activities abroad: organizing trade missions and fairs, proposing wholesale and retail trades, industrial machinery and taking charge of representation mandates in different businesses.


1. Advising and providing assistance in the field of internationalization of companies, such as:

- information and advising on legal-corporate-tax-financial-commercial;
- researching markets and new partners;
- project financing;
- assistance in finding financial resources;
- lobbying activities aimed at greater visibility and Italian entrepreneurship abroad protection;
- support for participation in tenders;
- implementation of sector studies and participation in tenders from the economic-social-technical-juridical content launched by the EU and by various institutions;
- consulting at different levels on behalf of governments and local organizations;
- any kind of information on facilitated loans and / or in depth lost provided by the Italian government, the EU and other international institutions, as well as assistance in the preparation and submission of the applications.

2. Organization of trade missions and fairs abroad

3. Brokerage activities in commercial business in general, in Italy and abroad.


The Company born in Bologna in 2016, from the meeting of different scholars and professionals linked by the commitment to international cooperation and the promotion of bilateral relations between Italian and Eurasian economic operators. The New Silk Road, the corridor of investment and trade, sea and land that connect Europe, Asia and Africa, provides many opportunities for the “Made in Italy” and “Italian made”, often neglected or ignored by Institutions and Enterprises.

To do this New Silk Road gives companies the opportunity to meet and interact with new realities, society and country-systems in a perspective of cooperation and mutual benefit, and the prospect of greater political integration, economic and trade of the Eurasian continent.

New Silk Road also intends to publish, organize seminars events and meetings with Italian/international partners interested to invest and trade with emerging economies.